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Top Four Reasons Why Your Medical Office Needs Surveillance and Security Cameras

By Higher Information Group | Healthcare

Do you currently have video surveillance set up at your healthcare facility? Maybe you thought a security system with cameras wasn’t really necessary - after all, you’re not selling merchandise from a storefront. But as you’ll learn in this post, there are several compelling reasons you should consider a professionally installed and maintained video surveillance system at your medical practice. Don’t let HIPAA privacy concerns stop you from reading on! It is possible to have a security and surveillance system that complies with HIPPA’s rigid standards.

1. Proactive Crime Prevention

Because of what’s inside your healthcare facility, your practice could be the target of a break-in. If your office is like most, you have drugs on the premises. Not only that, but all those patient records contain personal information. Burglars may be looking to steal laptops and physical files with the ultimate goal of selling that precious data on the Dark Web.

The good news is that a security system that includes an alarm and surveillance cameras has been shown to be an effective deterrent to burglary. According to research from UNC Charlotte, 60% of the burglars who were interviewed stated that the presence of an alarm would cause them to seek an alternative target altogether. It was also revealed that if burglars discovered there was an alarm during entry, many would stop the attempt to carry out a crime.

The takeaway here is that the mere presence of a security system may be all you need to prevent a crime! This is one of the simplest measures you can take to protect your healthcare facility from break-ins.

2. Protect Patients & Staff

Another aspect of security is ensuring the protection of those in your building. If a crime happens, you want to have evidence and helpful information to report to the police. Security cameras and surveillance systems provide your patients and employees with a sense of security. You never know when an incident will occur, and having footage of any instance will expedite the investigation and resolution necessary to get back to your daily operations.

3. Affordable to Adjust to Fit Your Medical Practice’s Needs

Security cameras and surveillance systems are some of the most affordable and scalable solutions you’ll ever purchase for your healthcare facility. If you are growing, or downsizing, you can easily add or remove cameras, or aspects of your systems. Typically, installations are quick, simple, and affordable. With all the current options and features of modern security systems, there is one to fit any business, including your medical practice.

4. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is priceless! Knowing that you are able to monitor your physical space, reduce the chance of crime, and provide valuable information if a crime occurs puts your mind at ease and allows you to enjoy your time away from your practice.

Ready to take the next steps with your healthcare facility’s security cameras or surveillance system? Reach out to our team to find the best solutions for you.


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