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The McShane Firm: Technology Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 31, 2022 | Success Stories

The McShane Law Firm is the premier DUI and criminal defense law firm in Central Pennsylvania. Based in Harrisburg, McShane has nearly 20 years of experience defending clients and providing solid, discreet representation through the legal system.

The firm prides itself on being the perfect size to ensure clients received personalized attention. With seven attorneys and 23 staff members, McShane is a tightly run, cohesive office that never gives up fighting on behalf of the presumed innocent.

The firm’s size ensures clients get the attention and guidance needed as they make important life decisions. McShane’s expertise is backed up by a dedication to continuous training and legal education. Attorneys and staff make it a priority to learn the latest forensic science and Pennsylvania DUI laws providing their clients with top-notch representation.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, McShane’s attorneys are available to meet on evenings and weekends. A commitment to its clients that extends from the first call throughout the entire case.

Steady, Reliable Service Early on Builds a Solid Relationship

Privacy and security are one of the cornerstones of any law firm. Protecting client files and data is critically important. When The McShane Firm determined it was time to change its IT services provider, Higher Information Group (HIG) was ready for the challenge.

The priority − move all McShane’s data and client files to an onsite server from a cloud-based system. This proved to be a heavier lift than expected since some of the original files were not properly moved to the cloud by the previous IT manager. HIG used its expert resources to rebuild the entire server environment. The result, a more secure, accessible system, with HIG at the ready to solve any IT related issue that comes up, no matter the time or day.

Multi-Faceted IT Services Provide Efficiency and Stability

HIG is the comprehensive & proactive Managed IT services provider for The McShane Firm. The firm does not have an IT representative in-house and trusts HIG with this vital role. This includes website hosting, proactive support services, including desktop support, computer maintenance, third party applications, and server management and monitoring. Having HIG managing these routine issues, as well as unforeseen IT crisis moments allows The McShane Firm to focus on what they do best, defending their clients.

Looking to the Future

With a solid foundation to build upon, HIG will continue to provide The McShane Firm with the highest level of service and customer care. HIG has successfully seen the firm through multiple IT challenges. This proven track record, backed by a team of IT specialists, has paved the way for future projects, providing both parties with a trusted, reliable relationship.

Attorney McShane recommends highly that you put HIG into your IT environment so like him, you can get a good night’s sleep! Rest assured, if there’s a problem, HIG is on the job.

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