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PSNA – Success Story

By Higher Information Group on March 15, 2018 | Success Stories

The Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA) sought to increase efficiency with a platform that would easily handle their member growth rate.

PSNA’s Challenges

  • Efficiency: Lack of automated functionality, current processes were handled manually.
  • Grading: Grading was a mix of manual grading and slight automation.
  • Growth Management: Lack of flexibility to handle the new growth of the member database using their continuing education.
  • Reporting: Lack of sufficient detailed analysis presented in generated reports.

The Business Case

The Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA) sought to increase efficiency with a platform that would easily handle their member growth rate. The manual processes in place hindered productivity and struggled to adapt to control the flex of members taking courses per month. PSNA’s lack of detailed reports created a struggle to identify and focus on areas that needed improvement. PSNA is a long existing client of HIG’s and turned to them to help create a solution to meet their needs. HIG chose Matrix Learning Management System (LMS) to manage their educational courses due to their expanded feature list, evolving development, and API.

Higher Information Group’s Managed IT Solutions

  • WordPress plugins sync courses created in Matrix LMS to Woocommerce for purchase options, including categories, pricing, and status of course.
  • Course purchase automation enrolls users in the Matrix LMS system, users not in the Matrix LMS are created with data from WordPress and enrolled automatically.
  • Custom grading plugins use a report to generate links directly to the answers submitted by the members for grading.
  • Matrix LMS allowed PSNA to create courses with the most current technology in educational course offerings including SCORM, gamification, and badges
  • Automated custom certificate awarding replaced a manual process workflow, delivering proof of course completion easily accessible, including access to a history of certificates.

HIG Delivers the Solution

HIG was able to provide PSNA with a mixed web solution, covering multiple aspects for their client by automating the various manual process, creating solutions that will continue to grow with their expanding membership, and supplying the organization with detailed reports of their new web infrastructure.

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