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West Side Career and Technology Center Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 19, 2022 | Success Stories

West Side Career and Technology Center is a full-time Career and Technology Center located in Luzerne County. A complete academic curriculum complements fully accredited career and technology courses, grades 9 thru 12.

“We have been working virtually for most of the pandemic. However, we were still getting calls from potential employers and schools for copies of student transcripts. Having the files scanned and stored on a secure site meant that we could attach and email student records when necessary. This is a game changer for us.” Said Bernadette Lawler, Chief Administrator.

The Challenges

The school stored paper student records going back 25 years. Though sorting through records in person can be a drain on employee time, physical storage also takes up space and presents a risk in the event of fire, flood, or other disaster.

The COVID-19 pandemic complicated matters. While working virtually, school staff still received requests for copies of student transcripts from potential employers and other schools.

Client Challenges

  • Searching through paper transcripts is cumbersome for school staff.
  • Paper files are unprotected from theft, natural disasters, etc.
  • Boxes of records require significant storage space.
  • No access to records during pandemic.

The Solution

The school was able to take advantage of one-time funding through the American Rescue Plan to digitize their paper records.

With funding in place to find a more efficient and accessible storage solution for student records, West Side Career and Technology reached out to the document conversion experts at Higher Information Group.

HIG made arrangements to barcode the boxes, securely transport them to their scanning facility, and provide the school flash drives with digitized files.

“At first, the task seemed daunting. But the folks at HIG helped us set up the process and made it easy. We did a document housecleaning and scanned and stored what we needed. Not only, are the records easy to access. We also freed up about 600 square feet of storage space. When we put a pencil to it, it was practically a no brainer.” Said Grant Palfey, Business Manager.

“We had a few instances where we needed access to some records that were at the HIG facility. HIG has a very efficient ‘image on demand’ process whereby we had access to the records we needed in a matter of hours. There are a lot of very good uses for the American Recovery Funds and digitizing our student records was among the best decisions we could have made with money we may never have access to again. We promise to help these graduates with employment, and speedy access to their transcripts, even in these troubled times, is one way we keep that commitment. We are proud to be among the first facilities in the area to take the lead on an endeavor like this.” Said Dr. Thomas Duffy, Superintendent.

Project Results

  • 74 boxes of documents now digitally accessible.
  • Hard copy documents stored securely
  • Reclaimed 600 ft. of storage space
  • Saves staff time searching and sending files

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