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Customer Spotlight | Harrisburg University’s Path to Efficiency with PaperCut

By Higher Information Group on January 25, 2024 | Success Stories

Founded in 2001, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, making it the first independent science and technology-focused non-profituniversity to be established in Pennsylvania in more than 100 years. With nearly 7,000 students hailing from 102 countries, the university has one of the most diverse student bodies among private colleges.

HIG has been great. We’ve worked with them for many years. We’re very happy with the support they provide, and we haven’t had any reason to look elsewhere.


Jayme Keller
Manager of Technology Services
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Client Challenges

The diverse printing needs at Harrisburg University (HU), encompassing a large faculty, staff, and onsite students, presented several challenges:

User Access and Privacy

Hundreds of users require printer access, leading to potential security concerns. Certain departments, like administration and HR, necessitate dedicated printers for confidential document printing.

Infrastructure Complexity

Managing a mix of multiple printers and locations, accommodating mobile users, and dealing with varied devices adds complexity. Printer deployment becomes a time-consuming task for IT and support staff.

Document Security

Ensuring the security of sensitive documents is paramount, given the nature of academic and administrative information.

Visibility and Reporting

The lack of comprehensive reporting and visibility into print activities hampers effective management and resource optimization.

Print Waste Reduction

Addressing the challenge of reducing unnecessary print jobs and promoting sustainable printing practices.

Simplified Deployment and Cost Efficiency

Streamlining printer deployment to save IT resources and reduce the time spent on managing printing infrastructure.

PaperCut Print Management Solution

To simplify operations and increase efficiency, Harrisburg University collaborated with Higher Information Group, their print solutions provider, to implement PaperCut print management software. While all of HU’s 21 printers are managed, their 11 Toshiba eStudio Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are directly integrated with PaperCut and secured with multi-format card readers.

  • Mobile and BYOD Printing | Managed and Bring Your Own Device systems are all covered. Users can print from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • Convenient Print Release | Users can print to one queue and pick up at any printer with a simple workflow powered by Find-Me printing.
  • Secure Printing | Certain HU printers can be restricted, and badge cards and MFD software are leveraged for the quick ‘tap and release’ of print jobs.
  • Sustainable Printing | With zero uncollected print jobs, HU leverages PaperCut’s eco-friendly policies that help them use less paper, save on toner and unnecessary print-related costs, and make sustainable habits the norm.
  • Simple Integrated Scanning | Users can quickly scan and digitize documents to any destination with one touch using the easy-to-use scanning interface. HU particularly appreciates the ability to easily scan to email, OneDrive, and TEAMS.
  • Smarter Digitized Documents | Users can activate optical character recognition (OCR) to make documents more useful, text searchable, and editable.
  • Actionable Reporting | PaperCut provides print visibility and in-depth tracking/insights, which supports reducing print waste.


PaperCut makes our lives easier. It’s helped save resources and better track our print usage, and they continue to add more features with every update. From an admin perspective, it not only simplifies the deployment of printers but also allows a single view of the entire print environment. It’s also more convenient for users. The find-me printing really extends the redundancy of our print environment.


Jayme Keller
Manager of Technology Services
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

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