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Customer Spotlight | Tech Solutions That Help Empower a Busy Nonprofit

By Higher Information Group on September 28, 2023 | Success Stories

The AACA Museum Inc., a Smithsonian Affiliate, displays beautifully restored vehicles in life-like settings representing the 1890s–1980s. Recognized by Road & Track and Auto Classics as one of the top automobile museums in America, the Museum takes visitors on a cross-country journey from New York to San Francisco. In addition to cars, motorcycles, and buses, the Museum features unique exhibits that change several times yearly.

The Museum is an independent 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and home to the world-renowned Cammack Tucker Collection. The Collection encompasses the World’s largest and most prestigious permanent collection of Tucker automobiles and related artifacts.

A great IT relationship that works for us.


Rob Kain
Director of Advancement & I.T. Services

The Challenge

When you run a museum with over 20 full and part-time staff members, 40 volunteers, 70,000 visitors per year, and as many as 10 annual museum events, you must have a trusted IT and business equipment provider you can rely on.

Meet Rob Kain. Rob is AACA’s Director of Advancement & I.T. Services. As you might imagine, Rob’s role covers a lot of ground. He wears many hats and does not have much time to cover in-house IT needs, nor does he have internal IT resources. Though he has an IT background and can handle many aspects of the role, he needs to be able to focus on growing the museum, events, sponsorships, etc.

Rob needs a trusted managed services provider that allows him to focus on other priorities, and he’s found that in Higher Information Group. Don’t misunderstand. Rob is a tech-savvy guy, and when he has the time, he likes to handle things like network and desktop support, but he also likes to know he has backup when he needs it and does not have to shoulder the entire burden of the AACA Museum’s IT infrastructure.

The Solution

Why AACA Partners with HIG for Managed IT Solutions

  • Ongoing Security Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Well-Qualified & Proactive Team
  • In-house IT Is Not Always Available
  • Hiring More IT Staff Internally is Not in the Budget
  • Frees Up Time for Internal (AACA) Team – Enhanced Efficiency
  • Peace of Mind/Confidence
  • Help Desk Support/Remote Issue Resolution

Rob says, “I realize that I might not fit the model of some IT companies. They want their services and approach to be proprietary, and they may not want me handling desktop support. But for me, HIG is the perfect partnership. I have a trusted IT partner to back me up, and I know that our systems are being monitored. I have the flexibility to pick up the phone and reach out to the helpdesk team when I need them.”

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