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6 Social Marketing Tactics to Consider

By Higher Information Group on August 15, 2019 | Marketing Solutions

Paid social media advertising can go a long way, but, that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone or every business.

However, 69% of Americans are on at least one social network daily… that number goes up to 88% for the millennial generation. So, having a social presence – on the network that makes sense for your business – is important, even if you aren’t paying for it. This gives your target audience a chance to find and interact with you before they get a chance to do so in person.

If maintaining a social presence is important, where should you start? How can you be sure you project the image that’s right for your company, without breaking the bank? 

Consider the tactics below to get started:

Make it regular.

Your potential customers may be up to 74% more likely to seek out your services if your social presence is professional and up to date. While it may be easy enough to create a Facebook page and forget about it, this might not be in your best interest. Carve out time to create posts, respond to messages and comments, and show that you’re present. Regular updates are essential for social marketing success.

Repurpose what you have already.

Regular posts (think #1), don’t have to be difficult to come by. Chances are, you’re already creating blog posts, updating your website, sending out mailers or even planning events. Pull statistics and quotes from the content you’re already creating, or share links that point users back, deep into your website (but be careful, Facebook isn’t always friendly toward pages that post too many links). Creating a social strategy doesn’t need to mean reinventing the wheel!

Post USEFUL information.

While we’re on the topic of posting information, there’s something important to keep in mind: yes, your social page is about your business, but, it’s also meant to help you position yourself as a resource. Instead of always pointing customers back to your page, be sure to share information that’s helpful to them. For a realtor, this might include tips on home maintenance. University? Study tips. Get the picture? Great!

Hold a contest or two.

The tried-and-true method of hosting a social contest has been a success from the start. By asking visitors to share a post or two or participate in a conversation for a chance at a small prize (think: gift card), you could encourage interaction and pick up a little extra attention at a minimal cost.

Tell a story.

When it comes to human conversations, we’re drawn to stories. This is no different in the realm of social media. Think about ways you can share stories online. This might be through Facebook or Instagram’s actual “story” tool, with videos and photos. It could be through case studies. It could be through sharing interactions that you’ve had lately in your place of business. The possibilities are endless but the point remains the same: stories are effective marketing tools and social networks are the perfect locations to share them.

Start conversations.

In every one of the first 5 examples, the end goal is this: starting conversations. Your social page or account is a place where you can interact with your target audience long before an in-person interaction is possible. This means conversations are critical. When sharing a post, think about questions you can ask inside it, or, other ways you can get people talking. Interactions matter!

Your social presence might very well be critical to your long-term success. Does yours measure up? Could you use some assistance? Contact the HIG team today to learn more!

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