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Enhancing Web Accessibility for Optimal Website Performance

By Higher Information Group on December 12, 2023 | Marketing Solutions

In today's digital landscape, having an inclusive and accessible website is not just a legal obligation; it's a strategic advantage that can significantly boost your website's performance. Beyond fulfilling civil rights obligations, web accessibility positively influences bounce rates, organic traffic, and overall user experience.

Benefits of Web Accessibility

1. Optimize SEO and Increase Traffic

Web accessibility goes hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO). An accessible website, designed to accommodate assistive technologies, not only caters to users with disabilities but also aligns with SEO best practices. A well-structured site with clear content, proper headers, sub headers, and alternative text for images improves search engine rankings. According to SEO expert Neil Patel, “a good site structure is fundamental to excellent SEO, providing search engines with the context needed for accurate indexing.”

A recent study by SEMRUSH analyzed 847 websites that underwent accessibility remediation and found a 73% growth in organic traffic, with an average increase of 12%.

2. Improve UX and Usability

Accessible websites benefit all users. Clear error messages, intuitive forms, and easy-to-understand interactive elements enhance the user experience for everyone. Solutions like accessWidget offer customizable accessibility profiles, allowing users to tailor their experience based on preferences. Features like higher contrasting colors, enlarged font sizes, and dynamic highlights improve content consumption and navigation, catering to a diverse audience.

3. Boost Your Bottom Line

Web accessibility not only aligns with ethical business practices but also has a direct impact on revenue. With an estimated $13 trillion in annual disposable income among people with disabilities, tapping into this market becomes a lucrative opportunity. Providing an accessible experience translates into an expanded market reach and coupled with a customizable accessibility solution, improves conversion rates. In essence, an accessible website equates to increased business opportunities!

Prioritizing web accessibility isn’t just about compliance; it’s about unlocking the full potential of your website. From improved SEO rankings to enhanced user experiences and expanded market reach, the benefits are far-reaching. Embrace web accessibility not only as a legal obligation but as a strategic move to elevate your website’s performance and cater to a diverse audience.

Want to learn more about website accessibility and how it impacts your business? Our digital marketing team can help. We partner with the pros at accessiBe to help websites achieve full ADA compliance within 48 hours.

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