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Printing Security: Are Your Documents Secure After Printing?

By Higher Information Group on August 28, 2019 | Office Solutions

Digital products have improved at a rapid-fire pace over the past decade, with an especially big jump in the past few years. This means it is easier than ever for businesses to improve efficiency while better meeting the needs of their employees and staff members.

This is especially true as it pertains to office equipment. To minimize delays (and frustrations), office environments have become more “connected” than ever before. Long gone are the days of slow networks, connecting via cables and cords to printers, and confusing phone systems. Many of these improvements are invaluable; it’d be possible to remain functional and competitive without them. 

It’s important to note, however, that many improvements come at a risk. Some of these risks you’re well-aware of and able to stay on top of; you likely invest in virus-protection software and other security tools. One particular function that could be a security flaw for your company that you may not have considered before is your network of printers.

Did you know that one of the easiest and fastest ways to breach customer data and other confidential information is through a wireless printer that’s connected to a company network?

Easy to miss? Yes. Logical? Also, Yes.

Think about it: your team prints sensitive information and documents on a daily basis. Many reports feature names, addresses, contact information, financial information, or either other information in certain situations (think: social security numbers or credit card numbers). While it might feel “safe” since your computer system and servers are as secure as possible, many printers store images of previously printed documents on their hard drives. If that information is stored, it can be accessed and used for less-than-positive purposes. This puts your business, and your customers, members, students, and/or associates, at risk.

A Worthwhile Investment: Printer – and Network – Security

The great part about recognizing a potential weakness in the security of your data and equipment is that it makes it possible to remedy it.

By working with a business solutions provider that implements top-of-the-line security features while monitoring your network activity around the clock, you can be sure that the information your team sends to the printer is secure at all times. This reduces the risk of a breach, preventing potentially major – costly – consequences.

The HIG team’s approach is simple: we plan, protect and prevent. Our IT specialists create environments that are tailored to your business’s needs: printer security included.

Can you say with certainty that your documents are secure, both before, during and after the printing process? If not, today is the time to make a change. Contact our team today to start protecting your most valuable assets. We look forward to working with you.

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