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Advantages of Using Managed Print Services (MPS) for Your Business

By Higher Information Group on February 14, 2022 | Document Solutions

While many companies are transitioning to the Cloud and leaving the paper trail behind, printing is still an integral component of running any business. Choosing the proper printing approach for your company can significantly impact expenses, time, and ultimately productivity. Understanding the advantages of using Managed Print Services (MPS) can get you thinking about potential inefficiencies in your current workflow.

What Are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed Print Services, also commonly referred to as MPS, is an all-inclusive printing solution that can help streamline printing tasks for any size business. The use of an MPS can significantly reduce maintenance, service, and labor costs.

Managing your company’s printers, devices, and maintenance can quickly become costly and impact the amount of manual labor you require to run your business efficiently each day. Using a Managed Print Service solution is a way to streamline your printing efforts, the management of your equipment, as well as the maintenance of any printing devices connected to your fully integrated system.

What Services Are Included With MPS?

Some of the most notable services offered by a Managed Print solution include:

  • Printing needs assessment: Printing specialists help to determine optimal printing devices and environments for your company’s printing needs before investing in new equipment or printers.
  • Placement of equipment: MPS specialists assist with the process of placing and installing hardware and equipment, including individual printers.
  • Remote and on-site service is also provided by a Managed Print Service, making it much easier to handle troubleshooting and mechanical errors, even remotely.
  • Ongoing ink and toner shipments: If you need regular shipments of toner and ink, it is possible to receive exactly what you need on a regularly scheduled basis with the right MPS provider.
  • Data and usage report: Gain valuable insight into the usage statistics of individual machines and printing equipment used for your business with managed print services.
  • Cost control monitoring: Keep track of the cost-effectiveness of individual printers and equipment used on a day-to-day basis for your business with MPS monitoring.
  • Replacement alerts: Learn when it is time to replace a printer or another printing device that is managed by your MPS provider.

What Are the Advantages of Using Managed Print Services?

Using an MPS provider is optimal for organizations in the process of scaling and expanding. For business owners looking to focus on growing other aspects of their business, turn to a professional and trusted Managed Print Service provider for your company. Some of the advantages that come with leveraging MPS include, but are not limited to:

  • Convenience factor: Having hired professionals by your side to assist with the management of your printers, equipment, toner, and maintenance can help you focus on what is most important for your business.
  • Pricing: The pricing of hiring an MPS provider is based on the services you require on a regular basis.
  • Fleet equipment responsibility: When you decide on a Managed Print Service provider, you will also relinquish the responsibility of fleet equipment to the print provider of your choice.
  • Less involvement: Stop wasting time delegating printing tasks to your own employees who have more important or valuable work to contribute. With the help of a managed print solution, you can spend less time focusing on printing items, managing equipment, and replacing current printers.

Whether you are growing a local business or expanding a regional brand internationally, consider using Managed Print Services to streamline all of your printing equipment, efforts, and management needs. With the right MPS, ensure all your printing needs are met and that all your equipment’s servicing and maintenance are optimized.

Get Started with Managed Print Services

Higher Information Group has a team of Manager Print Services experts who would be happy to help you identify, control, and better manage your printing assets. We can help you pinpoint the best print solutions for your business and strategize to maximize your budget. Give us a call and schedule a free print assessment at 717.652.3310.

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