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David’s Furniture: Document Success Story

By Higher Information Group on February 2, 2022 | Success Stories

Founded in 1972, David’s Furniture & Interiors is a recognized Central PA resource for fine furniture and esteemed interior design. David’s Furniture has been using direct mail as one of their key marketing strategies for many years.

The Challenges David’s Furniture Faced

While Michael Martin, president of David’s Furniture, understood that he could recognize some cost savings by moving his printing & direct mail business to HIG, he was initially hesitant to make the change in service providers. Michael was unsure whether the HIG team would be able to effectively help solidify his ideas and continue to grow the David’s Furniture brand.

HIG’s Targeted Approach

HIG was given the go-ahead to move forward with the design and printing of all the company’s standard materials, such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc. HIG also recommended implementing innovative strategies that could help the premium brand’s direct mail pieces stand out, effectively communicate the value of the David’s Furniture brand, improve the efficiency of the overall mailing process, save money on mailings and increase the Return-On-Investment (ROI).

The Reasons Why

First, for print and direct mail to be effective, it must resonate with the intended audience. A critical element for this client would be the look and feel of the pieces. HIG’s graphic designer would be tasked with ensuring that the designs conveyed the personality of the luxury furniture brand while including the necessary visual elements of the brand’s identity.

Direct mailings are an excellent approach for a business like David’s Furniture & Interiors. Direct mail builds brand awareness with both existing and potential customers. Well-designed pieces with offers can provide an additional incentive to visit the store, shop the furniture selection and consult with personal interior designers in-house.

Direct mail has been successful for David’s Furniture in the past and it still had a very powerful place in their marketing mix. However, the HIG team was confident they could find ways to build efficiencies into David’s Furniture direct mail marketing and reach more potential customers while still keeping costs down.

In addition to mailing to the existing customer list, HIG recommended integrating a purchased mailing list based on targeted demographics to introduce high-potential prospects to the furniture brand. HIG also recommended incorporating Every Door Direct Mail, also known as EDDM. EDDM is a service provided by the United States Postal Service that allows businesses to select mail routes and send direct mail to every home on the selected route at the lowest possible postage rate, while eliminating the cost of purchasing a mailing list.

The Implementation Details

Michael Martin’s fears regarding a change in partners for their printing & mailing services were alleviated almost immediately. He developed an excellent rapport with the graphic designer at HIG and has noted on several occasions that she continues to “exceed his expectations.”

Along with the high-quality design that is in alignment with David’s Furniture’s luxury look and feel, Martin worked with the HIG team to include special offers and calls-to-action on direct mail pieces to make sure the content of the mailings gave his audience a reason to take action.

By navigating the ins and outs of the U.S. Postal Service’s required regulations for mailings, the experienced mailing services team at HIG was able to ensure mailings met all the necessary requirements to get the best rates possible.

Though it took a little while for Martin to jump on board with the idea of Every Door Direct Mail, he agreed to a test mailing.

Direct Mail Still Works

In a world where people think direct mail is passe, Michael Martin of David’s Furniture & Interiors knows it still works. The HIG team delivered memorable & effective designs that captured the look & feel of the David’s Furniture premium brand. They were also able to increase the efficiency of mailings, keep costs down and grow the customer list by purchasing a quality targeted list. Lastly, Michael Martin has embraced the Every Door Direct Mail program. By integrating EDDM into the ongoing direct mail calendar, David’s Furniture increased the reach and frequency of their mailings, generated more high-quality leads and the cost savings have justified printing larger postcard sizes.

After acquiring the David’s Furniture account in mid-2018, HIG has managed approximately 14 direct mail projects for the company. Understanding that consistency & repetition are keys to direct mail marketing success, Michael Martin has leveraged the effectiveness of the EDDM mailings 4-6 times over the year. David’s Furniture reports a direct correlation in increased foot traffic and sales following direct mailings.

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