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Five Star: Office and Document Success Story

By Higher Information Group on February 2, 2022 | Success Stories

Five Star International is a family owned business, leasing, selling, and servicing large-size trucks for over 45-years. Covering the majority of Pennsylvania, Five Star is consistently recognized for high quality service, including the Circle of Excellence award−one of the highest honors given to International truck dealers.

Five Star sends out a large number of invoices and letter-sized mailers each month. The machinery and manpower needed to ensure customers receive bills and pertinent correspondence on-time is critical. With attention to detail, and a close client relationship, HIG was able to make the mailing process more efficient, saving the company a significant amount in time and labor costs.

Personal Attention Guides the Relationship

Five Star International relies on HIG for a number of services, including document shredding, copiers, printers, and mailing equipment. With its client-first approach, HIG has a single sales representative assisting the company. This main point of contact has proven to be a recipe for success in the client relationship. Five Star International knows who to call, email, or text when there is a problem. This ensures quick, reliable service and solutions for a company that doesn’t have time to waste. With seven locations and over 250-employees in Pennsylvania, Five Star International can’t afford hiccups. HIG guarantees that a person will be there within four hours to solve a client problem. They are usually on the spot well before then, creating a positive, dependable relationship.

Five Star International previously used another company for its mailing services, but after HIG’s attentive service in other business areas, it made the call to bring them on as a mailing provider.

HIG immediately recognized cost-saving measures that would not only speed up mail services but would save a significant amount of time and money for Five Star International. By bringing in a “folder-inserter” machine that folds invoices and stuffs them into envelopes, employees were free to do other tasks. That’s because the machine reduced what was once a three-hour job done by hand, to 30-minutes.

Without HIG’s personal relationship with the company, this may not have happened. The machine was a big investment on the front-end, but in the long run would save a lot of aggravation, time, and manpower. The trust Five Star International has in HIG helped them make the decision to invest in the machine. Now, seven years later, it is still using the “folder-inserter” and couldn’t be happier.

Building on Success

With thousands of pieces of mail going out each month, Five Star International depends on its postage meter to ensure letters are stamped correctly. When it was time for a new machine, Five Star International knew HIG was the place to call. With a solid background in business equipment and direct mail services, HIG was able to choose the right postage meter for the company. Not only does the new machine provided by HIG save approximately 20% in equipment costs, the on-call trouble shooting, and service is a big differentiator. Oftentimes, the HIG sales representative can diagnose an equipment problem or error over the phone, providing a sense of reliability not seen by the company before.

Looking Ahead

After a decade of working together, growing the relationship between Five Star International and HIG even further is a realistic goal. One area of focus is marketing. While Five Star International has an in-house marketing team, working together to boost that area is something to be explored. HIGs increased dedication to marketing lends itself to new growth potential for Five Star International.

Results Driven Success

  • Improved Efficiency of Mailing Processes
  • Significant Reduction in Time Spent on Manual Labor
  • Reduced Employee Frustration by Simplifying Mailing Process
  • Minimized Mailing Equipment Costs by 20 percent
  • On-call Service and Quick Response Time to Client Issues

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