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Messiah College: Office Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 26, 2022 | Success Stories

Messiah College, a nationally-recognized liberal and applied arts college with approximately 3,400 students founded in 1909, approached Higher Information Group in 2009 with a set of specific needs and goals.

The school wanted to:

1. Cut down the number of printers they owned and maintained.
2. Embrace new cloud technology.
3. Streamline and improve their billing processes.

The solutions they explored needed to be both cost-efficient and sustainable, designed to meet the school’s vision of improving processes both at the time and into the future.

The Needs Were Great

At the beginning of the project, Messiah College had extremely high printer volumes, in fact, they reached production-level volumes on in-house printers with an annual toner cost alone of over $50,000.

Because of the high volume, their IT team struggled to keep up with providing adequate service and support. Maintenance was an ongoing struggle as was authenticating users and protecting data.

Working With Higher Information Group

Higher Information Group was eager to step in; the team knew the potential for improvement and long-term success was great. In the first week alone, we replaced and installed 50 printers. The IT team was pleased with the process and excited to see results.

During this time, our team provided staff training, leading to high levels of both technology adoption and satisfaction.

While replacing existing, school-owned printers and copiers with leased Toshiba e-studio devices Higher Information Group also installed PaperCut to help the school cut waste, track printing and save money. This combination helped meet all three of Messiah College’s initial goals for improvement.

Measurable Results and Service Expansion

Initially, Higher Information Group was able to help Messiah College:

• Improve workflows,
• Decrease annual equipment costs,
• Streamline billing processes, ‘
• Increase in-house printing capabilities,
• Reduce in-house support needs,
• Utilize stronger reporting tools and more.

Throughout the years that followed, the partnership between Higher Information Group and Messiah College grew and the relationship deepened. Messiah College was able to harness the power of the reports they received to continue to embrace and work toward sustainability, reducing the number of overall print jobs and increasing the security of documents that were sent to the printer.

Over time, the school leaned on Higher Information Group for additional services. Beginning in 2019, we began to handle their mailing needs, picking up mail from Monday through Friday.

This level of integration and growth is our goal for all clients. While we strive to meet immediate needs from the start, our integrative approach to innovative solutions means our clients often grow in terms of taking advantage of the various services Higher Information Group provides, often with unprecedented, measurable results, along with the advantage of working with a single provider to meet multiple, cross-functional needs.

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