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Lowering your Carbon Footprint with Managed Print Services

By Higher Information Group on September 4, 2019 | Office Solutions

Most companies rely heavily on printing in their day-to-day operations, but have you considered how print waste and inefficiencies can harm your company’s carbon footprint?

According to The World Counts,

  •         Papermaking requires twice the amount of energy it takes to produce a plastic bag.
  •         It takes about 5 liters of water to create one piece of paper.
  •         50% of business waste is composed of paper.
  •         About 25% of landfill waste is made up of paper.
  •         Every tree produces enough oxygen for three people to breathe.
  •         Pulp and paper are the 3rd largest industrial polluters of air, water, and soil.

If you are looking to promote sustainability and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, eliminating paper waste is an excellent place to start and Managed Print Services can be an ideal starting point.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services help organizations reduce waste and save money by monitoring processes, putting efficiencies in place and managing the service and supply of inhouse print functions. This contracted service places the oversight of print services in the hands of a third party with specific expertise in leveraging insights, reducing print waste, and ensuring your equipment is operating at the highest possible level of performance.

How can Managed Print Services Support Sustainability?

By putting proven tools in place, a solid managed print services provider can help optimize your entire print environment, reduce paper waste, keep more paper out of landfills, cut energy consumption and eliminate unnecessary waste in related printing supplies. Here’s how it’s done:

Reporting: Get a handle on current waste and inefficiencies.

Think about how many team members are printing reports, emails, presentations, etc. in your organization every day. How often are items printed and reprinted due to error or trying to get the document “just right?”

Managed Print Services use audits of your print & copy equipment to help assess your current print landscape. Through real-time reporting, your provider can pinpoint problem areas, identify where waste is happening, regularly monitor reports, and help put processes in place to correct issues.

Along with getting insights into areas where print waste can be reduced, reports can be used to ensure that you have the right equipment for the type and quantity of work that you’re producing.

Supply & Maintenance Management: Maintenance is proactive and supply management is based on actual data.

If you’re managing your print maintenance and supply ordering in-house, it’s probably not your primary focus and it most likely takes staff time and attention away from key business objectives. By the same token, you likely won’t see problems that require maintenance coming and when they arrive, they can negatively impact everyone on your team.

By leveraging the custom reports through a Managed Print Services solution, your provider gains better insights and can see your print operations more holistically. This approach ensures that supplies are not over- or under-ordered and you have the right amount in inventory.

Due to remote monitoring, equipment needs can also be anticipated, resulting in better maintenance support and, in many cases, heading equipment problems off before they occur and before they affect your team.

Reduce Waste

When you gain better control of your print operations, you increase efficiency and reduce waste (paper, ink, toner, electricity, time, etc.), which has a significant impact on lowering your organization’s carbon footprint. But, being “greener” isn’t the only benefit of Managed Print Services, there are other gains as well, including:

  •         Reduced print costs.
  •         More predictable supply & maintenance costs.
  •         Extending the life of your equipment through proactive maintenance.
  •         Boosted productivity.
  •         Improved processes.
  •         Increased document security.                                                                          
  •         Accountable team members who understand how your company’s efforts support sustainability, and so many more.

Ready to talk about how a better printing environment can result in a more sustainable future? Let’s talk!

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