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Is It Time to Make a Move to Offsite Document Storage?

By Higher Information Group on March 14, 2022 | Document Solutions

Scaling a business requires more than the ability to expand your client list and generate more sales. Knowing how to run the backend of your business efficiently is just as important. Managing documents, financial records, and sensitive data can take on a world of its own, requiring hours of manual labor just to keep track of the inventory. If you are searching for a way to improve your current document storage solution and want to become more efficient, it may be time to move to offsite document storage.

What is Offsite Document Storage?

Offsite document storage provides cost-effective and secure document storage and disaster recovery services for business owners looking to move their organization’s paperwork to a dedicated storage facility.

Increased Space

The cost of real estate is skyrocketing and is not showing any sign of slowing down any time soon. If you want to skip the expansion of your office and instead reclaim some of that space, opt for a secure document storage solution offsite.

You may be maintaining hard copies of your financial records, employee history paperwork, and even contracts you have signed with business partners for compliance reasons. Still, those paper files are adding unnecessary clutter to your workspace. Moving to offsite document storage can help you clear up boxes, file cabinets, folders, and other clutter that is taking away from valuable working space.

Reduced Staff Expenses

Did you know that employee salaries can account for more than 70% of all of your company’s expenses? Hiring an additional employee to manage documents and records can eat away at profits while simultaneously reducing workplace efficiency, especially when there are secure document storage solutions available offsite. Entrusting a reputable offsite document storage provider can also allow your existing staff to solely focus on their more important tasks and responsibilities each day.

Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

Opting for offsite secure document storage solutions provides many benefits, including:

  • Reduce the cost of additional employees hired to manage important documents and sensitive information with a secure document storage solution in place
  • Eliminate clutter, freeing up extra space for employees
  • Increase space available to work in, removing the need to expand with additional real estate investments
  • Improve security throughout your organization by working with an offsite provider to maintain, track, and manage sensitive data such as employee records, NDAs, and contractual agreements between vendors and business partners
  • Take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies available to store, retrieve, and track documents in real-time without putting them at risk
  • Spend more time focusing on business matters that are important to the overall success of your company

Understanding the benefits of moving your documents offsite is essential in today’s ever-evolving tech landscape. Transferring your sensitive data and documents to an offsite document storage provider can help to boost your organization’s security while allowing you to maintain peace of mind as you focus on what is most important for the future of your business.

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