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6 Signs It May Be Time to Outsource IT Services

By Higher Information Group on October 8, 2019 | Technology Solutions

Your IT team is central to almost all operations. One downed printer, computer or other device could mean a complete halt of productivity. Downtime costs money and increases frustration in almost any work environment. However, keeping your systems up and running doesn’t have to rely completely upon your own internal team. While they may be best for issues that need immediate action or are related to propriety company programs or systems, supplementing internal efforts with an external support group could spell major benefits for your business in the long run.

Check out 6 signs that could mean it’s time to consider outsourcing your IT services:

  1. You notice a skills gap.

Just like any other team, IT professionals have various specialties and experience levels. If you notice a gap in skills – i.e. your non-IT team members are becoming frustrated over IT issues that seem too difficult to handle internally – it may be time to consider supplementing.

  1. You have special compliance needs.

For certain industries, like legal, financial and healthcare, there are special compliance regulations relating to how confidential information is managed, stored and even destroyed. Working with an external team that specializes in your field could tighten your security, reducing the risk of a breach and keeping your business in compliance with industry-specific regulations.

  1. You’re in a hurry.

Not all things can be rushed. But, if you’re working to launch a new ERP or POS system, need to build out a new system from scratch or have another pressing need, an external IT team could help fill in gaps, making your go-live date sooner rather than later.

  1. You’re ready to expand.

If your business is growing faster than your ability to hire, you don’t have to spend beyond your means on staffing. Working with an external team could help fill in any gaps, perhaps keeping your payroll numbers lower even as you expand.

  1. You’ve experienced a cyberattack or breach.

If your confidential data has recently been exploited or breached, you may be wondering where to start. What could prevent it from happening in the future? An external team could help you prevent future attacks while minimizing the damage from the one you’ve already experienced. Security cannot be taken lightly.

Unsure of whether now would be a good time to outsource your IT needs, or to consider support with IT staffing? Contact Higher Information Group today. Our IT experts would be happy to discuss your current IT needs while formulating a plan for moving forward.

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