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The Future of Office Printing is Here Now

By Higher Information Group on February 27, 2024 | Office Solutions

If your current print environment isn’t meeting your needs, it might be time to upgrade your printing technology. Keep reading to learn about how HIG views the future of office printing and the many ways new print technology can save you time and money and increase the security of confidential information.

It’s All About the Cloud

Cloud computing has revolutionized, well, just about everything. In the world of printing, operating in the cloud makes it super easy to manage multiple resources. It also allows printing from anywhere. Remote employees can quickly and easily print essential company documents from wherever they are, which helps boost productivity.

Cloud-based printing also offers some print security features that traditional onsite, in-office printing can’t. For example, confidential, sensitive data can be encrypted via the cloud.

The good news is that you don’t have an either/or decision to make regarding your existing printing environment. Cloud-based and traditional printing can work in tandem to provide a 360-printing solution for you. What that looks like for your business can come into focus faster when you contract for managed print services (MPS).

Why Use Managed Print Services

As a managed print services (MPS) provider, HIG can help you achieve multiple business objectives. We’ll assess your current and future printing needs and evaluate your existing print hardware and software. We can then make recommendations so you’re optimizing all your resources to save time and money.

We can provide another benefit for companies that have made environmental sustainability a priority. By carefully evaluating how you’re currently handling your print needs, we can recommend energy-efficient printers and copiers. We can also suggest ways to reduce your paper waste and implement a recycling program.

AI – Your Secret Weapon

We’ve seen how artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically improved all facets of our company. Specific to our managed print services, we use AI to keep your printers operating at their maximum efficiency. AI analyzes various technical details and can detect the small variances that indicate a problem is brewing. This advanced warning gives you the chance to be proactive rather than reactive and can prevent costly downtime for equipment repairs. You can also use AI to help keep critical materials in stock, like paper, ink, and toner cartridges.

Print optimization is another useful application of AI technology. Looking at the parameters of your current print jobs, AI can recommend changes in print and ink coverage that can maximize your print process without sacrificing quality. This kind of fine-tuning can save you time and materials.

Lastly, when you combine MPS with our IT Solutions, you harness the power of AI to monitor network traffic. Any threats are reported to IT solutions, which can then employ tools and remedies to shut down the threat immediately.

Read more about how HIG’s AI-powered managed print services can help your business.

You don’t need to wait one minute longer to jump into the future of office printing. Just reach out to our experts. We’re happy to talk with you about how today’s print technology can save money and reduce your carbon footprint, all while ensuring your sensitive information remains secure and protected. Call us or reach out online.

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