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Customer Spotlight | Streamlining Workflow: From Document Boxes to Digital Images

By Higher Information Group on February 22, 2024 | Success Stories

The Prothonotary’s Office is the chief filing office for the Court of Common Pleas of Lebanon County in civil, family, protection from abuse, judgment, and lien matters. Barbara A. Smith is the Elected Prothonotary for Lebanon County.

Since becoming the Lebanon County Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts in 2014, Barb Smith continues to make positive changes in the office. In addition to physically reorganizing the office to allow for a more efficient workflow, she conducted a review of stored records, resulting in the disposal of outdated files and a new Document Management Software system for the retention of others. The shift from cumbersome physical document storage to more streamlined digital archives marked a significant step in Lebanon County’s operational enhancement.

It was easy to communicate with the team at HIG. If we needed to retrieve a file, the process was secure, and I was very pleased with the quick response.


Barbara A. Smith
Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts
Lebanon County

Challenges Faced

Before partnering with Higher Information Group (HIG), the Lebanon County Prothonotary’s Office stored thousands of court documents, divorce decrees, civil documents, etc. in an offsite warehouse. Accessibility, security, and efficiency were concerns. Retrieving files required manual searches, consuming valuable time and the absence of digital access hindered remote work capabilities.

  • Efficient Retrieval of Physical Documents
  • Secure Transportation and Storage During the Conversion Process
  • Scanning and Indexing of All Records for Easy Access
  • Image On-Demand Access to Digital Files
  • Certified Destruction of Redundant Paper Records

The Solution

Collaborating with HIG, Barb Smith and her team planned a transition to digital records. Leveraging secure processes and advanced scanning technology, HIG converted the hardcopy documents into searchable digital images. The “Image On-Demand” service facilitated prompt access to files when needed. Following the scanning and when authorized by the Lebanon County team, paper records were securely destroyed, freeing up valuable storage space. Following the secure shredding process, HIG provides a Certificate of Destruction.

Outcome and Impact

The Lebanon County Prothonotary’s Office now enjoys streamlined document retrieval, enhanced accessibility, and boosted data security. Along with the transition to digital access of files, Barb Smith has ushered in a new era of efficiency and security for the Lebanon County Prothonotary’s Office. Check out the key results next.

Key Results

1. 371,916 Records Digitized

The conversion process has rendered 371,916 records (both standard size and wide format) electronically searchable.

2. Enhanced Collaboration

The Lebanon County Prothonotary’s Office was provided with two flash drives. If necessary, staff members can now simultaneously work with the same file, fostering collaboration and productivity within the organization.

3. Time Savings

The task of sifting through bulky boxes is now a thing of the past. Staff members can easily access files digitally.

4. Compliance Assurance

By digitizing records, the Lebanon County Prothonotary’s Offices ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, bolstering data security and integrity.

5. Risk Mitigation

The transition from physical to digital documentation mitigates the risks associated with traditional paper-based systems, safeguarding data against unforeseen events like fires, flooding, or theft.

Working with HIG on our document conversion project was a good experience. Their secure process ensured the safety and integrity of our documents every step of the way. From barcoding and labeling to secure transport, digitization, and ultimately upon our authorization – secure destruction. Now, with easy access to digital files we’re ready for future projects.


Barbara A. Smith
Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts
Lebanon County

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