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Is In-House Printing Right for Your Business?

By Higher Information Group on February 16, 2024 | Office Solutions

Businesses of all sizes should regularly be asking this question: is bringing printing in-house the right move?
To determine your answer, start by evaluating your current print needs, as well as what you might need in the future. What materials do you typically have printed? What are your costs? Are you happy with the quality? What about turnaround time? Do you need standard output or production printing which can handle high-volume printing of brochures, catalogs, sales flyers, and other sales support materials?

As you consider bringing printing in house, be aware that production printing will require commercial printers as described here. Now that you’ve looked at your current situation, take some time to go over this list of ways in-house printing can help your business – and your bottom line.

5 Reasons to Consider In-House Printing

1. Save Money

This is probably the most compelling reason to bring print and mail services in-house. For starters, you’ll save because you won’t be paying those mark-up charges printers build into their pricing. You’ll also eliminate the cost to have your materials delivered to you.

2. Improve Quality Control

Keep in mind that an outside printer needs to accommodate the needs of multiple clients, each with their own quality standards. When you bring printing in-house, however, the only important standard is yours! You’ll be able to ensure consistent quality across different types of materials.

3. Protect Data

Ensuring the safety and integrity of member, customer, or client data must always be top of mind. Anytime you rely on a third party for printing and mailing, you’re also relying on them to take every precaution to protect the data you provide. If they don’t, your sensitive data could be compromised. You can eliminate that risk when you take care of print and mail needs yourself.

4. Speed Up Turnaround Times

The ability to be agile is key in today’s marketplace. When you outsource printing, you can really get bogged down going back and forth with your vendor to get the quality just right. With in-house printing, you control the pace of having changes made. You can also react quickly to any new opportunity or need that arises.

5. Reduce Environmental Impact

Are you one of the growing number of businesses who have made protecting the environment a priority? Moving to in-house printing can help you in those efforts because you’re essentially taking CO2-spewing delivery vehicles off the roads. Also, when you’re handling your own printing, you have absolute control over paper waste. You can print only what you need instead of, for example, meeting a minimum order quantity, only to send a third of the order directly into recycling.

For these five reasons and more, in-house printing is worth exploring. You can schedule an appointment to talk with the experts at HIG about your current and future print needs. When you’re ready to go all in on in-house, know that we sell and service a wide array of Canon production printers to handle high-volume printing. We can vouch for their quality and durability – we use them ourselves. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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