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Merakey: Office and Document Success Story

By Higher Information Group on February 3, 2022 | Success Stories

In 2004, Merakey (Formerly NHS Human Services), approached Higher Information Group, and an exciting partnership began. Merakey is a community-based, nonprofit, human services provider with 40 years of experience serving the needs of children and adults.

At the start, Merakey was simply looking for a better way to purchase equipment and supply orders. Because HIG was able to provide Toshiba equipment at a rate 40% less expensive than Merakey’s existing vendors, it seemed like a great fit.

Little did either organization know, the relationship would turn into much more.

2 Years Later: Increased Services

In just two years, in 2006, HIG was awarded the Master Maintenance Partnership agreement after answering the Merakey Request for Proposal. This initial step would save Merakey an additional $51,600 per year.

In addition, HIG began centralized dispatching for Merakey staff members to call for service and supplies on a dedicated 1-800 number. As the year continued, HIG wholesaled Merakey’s old copiers, which enabled us to credit $12,000 to Merakey’s account.

Before the year ended, a customized online ordering site was set up for Merakey employees, streamlining the existing process and increasing satisfaction across the board.

Continued Results

While the early results were impressive, they were only the beginning. Today, Merakey has implemented a variety of HIG servicesinto daily operations, including:

  • Document Shredding
  • Document Storage
  • Business Equipment

By integrating various tools, the organization has realized a 25% savings on postage through new postage meter technology, has saved $42,000 via secure storage solutions and has saved 20% on shredding services through a custom contract.

These impressive savings have increased operational efficiency while allowing Merakey (formerly Northwest Human Services) to better serve the special needs of children and adults. HIG highly anticipates further advancing our relationship with Merakey well into the future.

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