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What is Proactive IT and Why Should You Care?

By Higher Information Group on July 11, 2023 | Technology Solutions

In today’s environment it’s more important than ever to have confidence that your IT infrastructure remains secure and reliable. If you’ve ever experienced a critical IT system issue, you understand how devastating it can be for an organization. While many companies relied on reactive IT solutions in the past, incorporating a proactive IT approach can ultimately save time, money and prevent major security breaches and loss of data.

What is Proactive IT?

Proactive IT services typically involve getting ahead of a potential problem before it becomes an issue. In a traditional scenario, many businesses implement a reactive IT approach–traditionally addressing and trouble-shooting an issue after it occurs. However, this can cause major delays, security vulnerabilities, and a waste of precious time, resulting in a loss of sales and ultimately, revenue.

Consulting, pinpointing problem areas, developing IT roadmaps and making informed decisions regarding IT infrastructure, hardware, software, and networking requirements, along with ongoing monitoring are all part of a proactive IT approach. With proper knowledge of IT security risks, it is possible to execute appropriate measures to protect your organization’s data, networks, and systems.

What is Reactive IT?

Reactive IT solutions are a common approach to IT for businesses today. Typically, reactive IT involves identifying an issue after it has occurred and then determining the appropriate solution or resolution, based on the issue at hand. While it is still possible to solve hacking attempts and security breaches with a reactive IT strategy in place, this will likely cause delays and may lead to more security vulnerabilities before the job is complete.

Often referred to as the break/fix approach, reactive IT can result in downtime, expensive maintenance costs, frustrated team members and customers, not to mention negative public relations.

Advantages of Proactive IT

Investing in a robust proactive IT support solution is beneficial for many reasons.

  • Early detection of problems: A reputable proactive IT solutions provider will have a team of experts who take time to understand your system. Assessing your infrastructure and tackling vulnerabilities upfront can prevent major headaches later, versus waiting for your systems to break down entirely.
  • 24/7 monitoring: An experienced IT provider will monitor your systems and infrastructure 24/7 with dedicated data center resources, optimize your storage, automate your backups, and provide access to resources regardless of where your team members are working.
  • Reduced downtime: When systems fail or devices go down, it can be devastating for a business. A proactive IT Managed Service provider will handle updates and proactive IT maintenance for you, addressing and eliminating problems BEFORE they occur.
  • Improved system performance: In addition to tackling problems before they impact your business, a proactive IT solutions partner can make recommendations to help your organization leverage technology to innovate, drive efficiency and support growth/scalability while aligning with the overall company objectives.
  • Increased security: Working with a Proactive Managed IT provider, you get robust security that is centrally managed.  Your provider can secure your internal and cloud-based infrastructure to provide an additional layer of protection from cyber threats and disruption to your business.
  • Cost Savings: One of the most appealing aspects of proactive IT is the ability to save on costs over time. Rather than paying to problem-solve when there’s a security breach or systems fail, you can pay a predictable amount
  • Peace of Mind: When you can rely on a team of professionals that know how to leverage today’s technology, you can rest assured knowing that your IT will be secure, optimized, and reliable.

Considering a shift to a more proactive approach to your IT? The pros at HIG can work with you to pinpoint inefficiencies, decrease costs, reduce risk, increase security, and set you up for future growth. Schedule an assessment today with our managed IT services team.

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