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Are You Under the Illusion of Security?

By Higher Information Group on September 19, 2019 | Document Solutions

One of your company’s most critical resources is your data. Whether you have physical files in a storage room, digital files in the cloud or on a server, or a combination of physical and digital files, you undoubtedly understand the value of your data and have taken precautions to protect it. But with all the other demands on your time, how much consideration have you given to the vulnerability of those files and whether or not they are truly secure?

Physical Files

Many companies have been using paper files for years and are simply comfortable with this environment. Physical files are easily accessed and shared, and users often feel they are more secure if they are not accessible online. However, paper files are particularly susceptible to a variety of natural disasters, including fire, flooding, electrical storms, etc. In addition to natural events that can destroy paper files, they are also vulnerable to theft, mismanagement, and loss caused by human error.

Whether the disaster that strikes your paper files is natural or man-made, without data backup how would your organization go about restoring years’ worth of information? And what is the risk to your company if important data – like sensitive customer information – gets into the wrong hands?

Still storing paper records?

If your physical files are stored inhouse or in a professional facility, make sure you’re taking the proper precautions. Ask yourself these questions:

  • ·         If the paper versions of my documents are destroyed or lost, can they be recovered?
  • ·         How sensitive is the data in my physical files and who currently has access to them?
    • Are files locked and is the room secure?
  • ·         Are documents with sensitive data being printed to printers and copiers?
    • Who has access to those printers/copiers?
    •  How long might a printed copy sit in a paper tray?
  • ·         Are my documents protected from fire damage?
  • ·         Are my documents protected from water damage?
  • ·         Is the building designed to withstand natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes?
  • ·         Are paper files being purged after it is no longer necessary to keep them?
    •  If so, is the destruction of documents a secure process?

Digital Files

While digital files are less vulnerable to natural disasters than physical files, there are still risks at play in the world of digital document storage. The frequency and aggressiveness of security breaches & cyberattacks in today’s business world is difficult to overlook.

Though the number of security breaches decreased in 2018, according to a report from Risk Based Security (RBS), more than 6,500 data breaches occurred in organizations both large and small.

Whether it is healthcare records, financial information or other customer data, when you think about the records you store digitally, you likely want to be absolutely certain that it is properly secured.

Are your digital files secure?

The digital world is ever-changing. While you may have taken all the necessary precautions initially, staying on top of the latest security threats can be enough to make anyone’s head spin. Ask yourself these questions to truly assess if all the necessary precautions are in place to secure your digital files.

  • ·         Are your encryption and antivirus programs updated regularly?
  • ·         Is your hardware up to date?
  • ·         When is the last time you’ve tested your disaster recovery plan?
  • ·         Are your systems/procedures for getting rid of old hardware compliant?
  • ·         Does your staff receive regular training on security procedures?
    • Handling sensitive documents
    • Taking work home – policies on using personal devices
    • Threat awareness – avoiding phishing schemes, etc.
    •  Proper use of PINS, Passwords, etc.
  • ·         Is your data backed up?
  • ·         Do you have offsite data backup?
  • ·         If your systems are compromised or impacted by a disaster, how quickly can you access backup data?

Regardless of the type of business you are in, your company data can contain sensitive customer information and without the right precautions in place, your documents are vulnerable to any number of risks.

If you’re ready for the peace of mind that true document storage security can offer, let’s talk!

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