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Central PA Food Bank: Marketing Success Story

By Higher Information Group on January 31, 2022 | Success Stories

For more than 35 years, The Central PA Food Bank has reduced hunger by distributing food and donations to 27 counties across Pennsylvania. By partnering with more than 1,000 agencies and programs across the state, this nonprofit organization serves over 200,000 people in need each month.

The Challenges

Before working with Higher Information Group, the Food Bank qualified for Google’s Ad Grant program. This beneficial program provides the opportunity for nonprofit organizations to receive up to $10,000 of free advertising per month plus access to Google business tools.

At the time, the Food Bank was working with another company to help them organize their advertising dollars and were disappointed to see they were only taking advantage of $1,000$ 2,000 of the available $10,000 each month. They struggled to understand the reporting, making it difficult to strategize for future campaigns and Google Ad spending. While the Food Bank appreciated receiving reports with data and clickthrough rates, they wanted more information to explain the fluctuations from month to month.

The Solution

The Central PA Food Bank brought its challenges to the marketing team at Higher Information Group. With a solid working relationship already established from other marketing efforts, HIG jumped right in by conducting a thorough audit of the Food Bank’s Google Ad Grant spending and developed a plan to access and leverage more of the available advertising dollars.

The Results

After a year of working with Higher Information Group, the Central PA Food Bank spent $66,564.46 of their Google Ad Grant in 2020, a 59% increase from 2019. By taking advantage of their free advertising dollars, they saw increased website traffic, clickthrough rates, conversions, and a decrease in cost per conversion.

Most importantly, all of this led to a major spike in donations to the Central PA Food Bank specifically, a 240% increase within one year!

With monthly reporting and collaboration from HIG, the Food Bank focuses its brand messaging on 8 Google AdWord campaigns. They now continue to increase advertising spending and take advantage of the $10,000 monthly Google Ad Grant.

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