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Is Your Business Equipment Draining Your Budget?

By Higher Information Group on December 27, 2019 | Office Solutions

You’re laser-focused on building your business, always on the search for new customers and better ways to serve your existing clientele. That’s how it should be. Every once and a while, though, it’s good to take a step back and look for other ways you can help your bottom line, like reviewing your expenses. Think about your office equipment. It just might be costing you more than you think. How is it performing? How much is it costing for supplies and maintenance contracts? How often are you dealing with downtime? Do you have employees who are younger than your printer? Truthful answers to all these questions may lead you to the same conclusion - it’s time to upgrade.

If yours is the typical office, you have one or maybe several printers, at least one copier, a scanner, and, despite the prevalence of email and online drop boxes, a fax machine. You may even have a specialty printer for creating tags and barcodes.

Take a hard look at each one. Determine if it’s operating at maximum performance. Look back over the past six months or year to review if the copier or printer had downtime and for how long. Let’s face it – you should never see a repair guy (or gal) so often, you know their pet’s names.

Those visits were probably covered under a maintenance contract. Spend some time reviewing those contracts and add up their costs, if you have multiple machines.

Of course, keeping your equipment humming efficiently pays off in another important way. If your staff has to contend with a slow or cranky machine, that time standing around waiting for a report to print is dollars walking away from your bottom line. Or worse yet, that finicky printer might decide that today, right before a major meeting, it just doesn’t feel like working. Scrambling to a nearby office supply store for copies is a very costly use of staff time!

Between maintenance contracts, wasted staff time, and the costs of ink and paper for multiple types of machines, you have a pretty compelling case for replacing some or all of your office equipment. You might even decide that it might be worthwhile to purchase a multifunctional machine that can take the place of a standalone fax, scanner, copier, and printer.

Making the move to modern office equipment could help your bottom line significantly. Newer equipment is more efficient, produces better quality, and is less costly to maintain.  HIG has top-of-the-line equipment that can save you time and money, and let you focus on growing your business.

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