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Getting the Most Out of Your Business Equipment

By Higher Information Group on August 28, 2023 | Office Solutions

In the world of today’s office environment, the promise of seamless efficiency lies in the functionality of office copiers, multifunction printers (MFPs), and other critical devices designed to simplify your work life, fostering smoother workflows and heightened office productivity. When operating at their peak, they not only expedite tasks but also uphold the sanctity of your data. However, when your business equipment fails you, the ensuing frustration and disruption can resonate throughout the team and potentially affect customer service quality.

Here are some common challenges that you might encounter with your office equipment:

1. Outdated Equipment

The root cause of issues with your business printers and other equipment often traces back to outdated technology. Just like any technology-driven mechanism, business equipment has a finite lifespan. As technological progress propels forward, older models experience a decline in efficiency and reliability. Signs of inefficiency, such as recurrent paper jams, slower operation speeds, and diminished scan quality, might signal that your equipment is showing its age. Embracing more advanced models can reinvigorate productivity and alleviate maintenance and repair expenses.

2. Lack of Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is paramount to ensuring uninterrupted functionality of your business equipment. Neglecting the health of your business equipment can result in various issues, including paper jams, unnecessary wear and tear, and more. Over time, dust, debris, and paper residue can accumulate, leading to mechanical complications. Establishing a maintenance regimen that includes cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and promptly replacing worn components is recommended.

3. Incorrect or Poor-Quality Supplies

Few things vex an office team more than encountering paper jams, causing workflow disruptions and much frustration. Moreover, paper jams have the potential to damage your office copier. Often, paper jams are caused by improper loading of paper into the feeding tray or the use of unsuitable copier paper. Each copier comes with specifications detailing appropriate paper types. Similar care should extend to labels for mailing equipment or label printers. Selecting the correct settings, whether for lightweight drafts or heavy-duty projects, is imperative.

4. Running Out of Supplies

Insufficient supplies precisely when they are needed can be deeply frustrating. This predicament is very common in large offices where managing supply orders can be intricate, leading to overlooked or neglected items. The convenience of having supplies, like ink and toner, delivered according to your schedule is invaluable. A Managed Print Services solution, for example, can ensure timely deliveries of ink and toner, and some printers can even send alerts when a refill is needed. This proactive approach eliminates the hassle of waiting for an office supply store run.

5. Foreign Objects

Surprisingly, small foreign objects often find their way into business equipment. When office machinery malfunctions and displays error codes that you can’t comprehend, it might indicate a rogue staple, paperclip, or other foreign item lodged within the machine. These objects can operate without issue for a while but might eventually lead to extra wear and tear or even scratch glass surfaces. Regular checks of your equipment, including tight spaces, can help prevent these issues.

Caring for your business equipment is a crucial investment in maintaining high productivity and minimizing disruption. If it’s time to evaluate your print environment or if you require equipment service, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at HIG!

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