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The Hidden Costs of Shredding Documents Onsite

By Higher Information Group on June 15, 2019 | Document Solutions

Document shredding isn’t just a mindless task to keep things clutter-free around the office. It’s a critical means of protecting your business, customer information and other classified documents and assets that can not, under any circumstances, fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, most businesses put it fairly low on the priority list. They keep stacks of documents that require shredding around the office until someone has time to destroy them in a “proper” manner. When that finally happens, the risk of information falling into the wrong hands, or, being missed in the process, is still high. There has to be a better way. There is: professional shredding services. These can take place on or offsite, but, they must be handled with the highest level of precaution. If you’re unable to say with certainty that your shredding process is absolutely secure, you could be putting your entire business, along with the following four factors, at risk.

The Environment

Even the most conscientious organization struggles with sustainability and limiting their carbon footprints. While you may try your best to recycle what you can and encourage your employees to do the same, there’s a chance some of your in-house shredding efforts lead to excess waste.

By choosing to work with a provider that puts sustainability at the top of their priorities, you can be sure that you are minimizing the effects of your shredding efforts to the best of your ability. This could help you:

  • Maximize resource conservation,
  • Prevent pollution,
  • Save energy by utilizing the right equipment and tools,
  • Recycle all raw materials,
  • Continue to grow greener technologies, and more.

All this from a shredding service? Yes!


Documents are generally shredded for security benefits. You can’t risk a breach, so you shred your important documents before disposing of them.

But, can you say with certainty that your process is secure? Probably not.

The truth is, a document could be missed. A box filled with important files could sit longer than it needs to prior to shredding. There are several touchpoints in the process that could put vulnerable information at risk.

When working with a shredding provider who is able to oversee the entire process, provide real-time video of the shredding procedures and more, you can be sure your information is secure from the time it leaves your hands until it is destroyed.

Legal Risks

When security cannot be guaranteed, your legal risks rise. When you handle document destruction in-house, and information falls into the wrong hands, the chance that you could face legal action and the costs that accompany it is higher than it should be.

By working with a provider that understands and meets the regulatory standards of your industry, including HIPAA, GLB, Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA and/or FERPA, you can protect your business from unnecessary liability.

Employee Time

Time is money. When your employees are completing tasks that might not be critical to the growth of your business, you’re spending in a less-than-productive way. This means those closest to your most critical endeavors aren’t able to fully focus on them.

If one of your employees spends even 2 hours a month shredding documents, that’s 24 hours – or three business days – of lost productivity. For many companies, it could be much more.

These costs might not be apparent when on-site, in-house shredding has become a part of your business’s routine. However, now’s a great time to acknowledge them and make a change. To learn how working with a professional shredding team could cut these risks and costs, while keeping your most important information secure, contact Higher Information Group, today!

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