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Save Big on Print Costs

By Higher Information Group on March 23, 2023 | Office Solutions

Consider these stats from PricewaterhouseCoopers. The average employee makes 10,000 copies or prints each year. The average employee costs your company up to $1,200 in printing annually. And the average employee wastes 17 percent of all printed documents. OUCH! Paper cut!

Most business owners are shocked when they realize how much they spend on printing each year. Not only is it a lot of ink and paper, it’s also a lot of money!

But never fear, there are ways businesses that are budget and environmentally conscious can reduce their printing expenses.

Here are 8 practices that can cut your operational costs by eliminating wasteful printing:

1. Personal Printers vs. Personal Computers

Employees should share a larger printer that can be centrally located for easy access. If they must walk to the printer, they will naturally be more cautious of unnecessary printing.

2. Black and White vs. Color

When configuring your printer, default your settings to print in black and white. Only print color when necessary. A lot of times black and white will do!

3. Print Double-Sided

This is a no-brainer, but few do it! Setting your default print preferences to two-sided will immediately cut paper use and cost in half.

4. Reduce Print Density in your Printer

The documents might look lighter (but work just as well!) but your ink/toner will last longer.

5. Scan More, Print Less

Scan documents instead of printing them. You can send the document to an email instead of placing the document on someone’s desk and risk not being seen or lost.

6. Only Print What You Need

Don’t waste ink by printing pictures, ads, and other junk when what you only need is the text. Some sites offer a “print this page” option. You can also use a website like Printwhatyoulike.

7. Require an ID or Number

Requiring employees to scan their ID or enter a PIN can reduce the printing of unnecessary documents (And reduce the number of documents never picked up but left in the outbound tray!)

8. Go Green!

Be eco-friendly and reduce printing costs at the same time by using fonts that conserve ink (ie, Century Gothic) and recycled paper.

Unmanaged print costs can drastically cut into a company’s bottom line. Investing in the right equipment and/or partnering with Higher Information Group to manage your printing can help you reduce costs.

HIG can optimize your processes and devices to improve efficiency, cut costs, reduce environmental footprint, and streamline your printing environment.

Contact our print experts today!

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